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Back To School

Clothes For Kids Campaign

Back To School
“The best investments you can make are putting a child on the path to success early”

United Way of Northwest Connecticut will be conducting a “Back to School Clothes for Kids Campaign” which will provide new school clothes and school supplies for children living in East Canaan and North Canaan. We want every child going back to school to feel confident once they walk through those school doors this year and NOT have them stress over wondering if they will fit in if they can’t afford new clothes or school supplies. Help us “Dress a child for success” by providing the following items:

  • New under garments, socks, shoes, boots, winter jackets, long sleeve shirts, pants, personal grooming care items.
  • Backpacks, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, paper, folders, glue, binders, high lighters.
  • Monetary items are accepted as well.

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Klebe Cares

Drop offs can be made at our office from 9am-4pm
126 Torrington Road, Winsted, CT 06098


As a family owned and operated company, we know the value of supporting our local communities.

We understand the importance of having sports, arts and other enrichment opportunities for children to explore and grow into well-rounded citizens.

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Our elderly neighbors are cherished members of our community.  Supporting programs that help keep them home, safe and well-cared for is always a priority

Meals on wheels

We are proud of our history and strive to support our Veterans and the monuments that have been raised to honor them.

SM logo.jpg Operation Gratitude

It makes us all feel good to support local shelters and groups that keep animals healthy and in loving homes.

FTLOJ Logo.jpg Little Guild  

We love to be a collection hub for your donations and contributions. We are just crazy enough to sleep out in the cold, run a 5k or sit in the dunking booth if our efforts can help ease someone elses troubles.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" -Helen Keller

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YMCA Literacy Program
The Bakerville Library
Norfolk Lions Club
NW CT YMCA Homeless Shelter
Laurel City Commission
Pleasant Valley Childcare Center
Regional #7 Gearheads
Gilbert School Project Graduation
Regional #7 Project Graduation
Oliver Wolcott Alumni Scholarship
New Hartford Public Library
Focus Alternative Learning Center
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Farmington Valley Arts Center
Winsted Fire Department
Tpown Recreation
North Canaan and Botelle PTO
Torrington P.A.L.
Winsted Diaper Bank
Barkhamsted Lions Club
Winsted Lions Club
Winsted United Methodist Church Food Pantry
White Memorial Conservation Center