Premium Heating Oil


Automatic Delivery
Take the worry out of heating your home. Being on year round automatic delivery is a hassle free way of insuring you never run out of oil. Our computer system calculates your fuel usage and forecasts a delivery based on “degree days”. Also for choosing automatic delivery, you will receive a discount of 1¢ off per gallon of heating oil and/or propane each year. You can get up to as much as 5¢ off per gallon. Note: To start or stop automatic delivery you must do so in writing per CT public act PA12-76. E-mail or fax us today for more information

Will Call Delivery
Being on a “will call basis” is for customer’s that prefer to monitor their oil gauge and usage themselves. Ordering is simple, just view our service area to find out the scheduled delivery day for your town, and order here or call us at (860) 738-1114.



Senior Discount
For our customers over the age of 65, we offer a 2¢ discount off each gallon. 

Community Volunteer Discount
To show our appreciation to our local volunteers, we offer a 2¢ discount off each gallon. 

Veteran/Active Duty Military Discount
To show our gratitude and thanks to the men and women who serve and protect our country, we offer a 2¢ discount off each gallon. 

Flex-Pay Budget Plan
With our Flex-Pay Budget Plan you will not have large unexpected payments during winter months. Take ease in knowing exactly how much you need to budget every month, and spread your heating cost throughout the year.

Off-road and Diesel Fuel
Whether you need us at your job site, crushing pit or farm - we have trucks available to fuel your on-road vehicles, tractors or machines.  Our ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel meets all new engine and emission requirements. 


We are so committed to providing our customers with the best heating oil, that B10 Bioheat is the only oil we deliver.

Conservation, improved energy efficiency and Bioheat are important ways we can help our customers and our planet for generations to come.


Bioheat is heating oil blended  biodegradable, organic materials such as corn  or soybean oil, recycled restaurant oils and other natural resources (BioFuel).  Bioheat is a more environmentally-friendly way to heat your home -  it burns greener and cleaner which ultimately helps extend the life of your system by removing deposits that can build up over time.  Bioheat produces fewer harmful emissions during production and use, which drastically reduces carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and diminishes the buildup of greenhouse gases. It also has the highest Btu content of any alternative fuel.  Bioheat provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn.  


  • Bioheat is a mixture of heating oil and biodiesel.
  • Biofuel is produced domestically from renewable resources, such as corn and soybeans.
  • Bioheat will burn the same and give off the same amount of heat as standard heating oil.
  • Biofuel is simple to use, has lower emissions, is bio-degradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.
  • Bioheat has a higher solvent content than standard fuel, so it actually cleans as it moves through the heating system.
  • Bioheat is superior in its ability to lubricate pumps and other components of your system which can help make them last longer.
  • Bioheat use reduces our dependency on foreign oil.
  • Bioheat is better for the environment compared to traditional energy products.


Reduces toxic emissions;  is biodegradable, suitable for sensitive environments and may actually extend equipment life and reduce periodic maintenance intervals.

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