We have used Klebe Fuel Since the day we bought our house 20 years ago! We will NEVER switch companies! They are the absolute best! They are professional, accommodating and so nice every single time I've called. They have worked with us for payments and have fixed any furnace problems we've had in a hurry. We can't say enough great things about this company.

Corrie C.

Awesome friendly helpful knowledgeable cheerful courteous results. These are just a few of the many attributes that Brianna brings to each interaction she has with Klebe customers! Each time I have spoken with Brianna, I have experienced the same high level of customer service! I highly recommend Klebe Fuel!!

Tom A.

Dan and I just wanted to thank everyone at Klebe for the many years of outstanding service you have provided us. We started with Klebe in 1987 when we finished building our house, and it’s always been a pleasure working with you - from tricky, icy deliveries to installing our new furnace this year. We’ve never had a problem, and over a 28 year service history that is really saying something!

Kathy & Dan P.

Just wanted to let you know that Aaron just serviced my furnace and he did a phenomenal job. He was knowledgeable, friendly and thorough; You've just gained a customer.

Morgan M.

We recently had our furnace cleaned. The service man was professional and thorough. We've been customers of Klebe Fuel for many years and have always been satisfied with both their work and service.

Barbara P.

I have been a customer of Klebe Fuel since the company started. I have never had any problems and I have always found every one easy to deal with and very responsive to my requests. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.

Diane T.

We just had the furnace's spring cleaning done by Klebe Fuel: professional and thorough with helpful maintenance tips. We'll be calling to schedule further work.

Ticia & Harry T.

Thanks to Steve & Carl- Furnace is working great. Very very professional and they know what they're doing

Betsy W.

Thanks for your prompt delivery and service. I am a very satisfied and loyal customer. When I call your office, I feel like a person not a number.

Heather S.

Just wanted to take the time to e-mail you and say thank you for your good service to us as customers and to THANK YOU for the Christmas gift of lowering my payment. I know that it could not have happened unless I bought the insurance, but it is always nice to have business's stand behind their word.

Janice L.

Your furnace man did an excellent job of cleaning our furnace. We were very satisfied.

Lou V.

Thanks for a job well done by your service man Carl. Best cleaning I've seen yet on my furnace. Left the area cleaner than when he started.

Don B.

Small token of thanks. No one believes me when I tell them about the burner swap. Above and beyond, & Kelley answering at all hours of the day. Many thanks.

Joe H.

Last evening, our furnace stopped working. We tried the reset several times and finally out of desperation, we called your company. Someone immediately called us back, we explained the problem, and we were told that someone would be right out. You know what happened? The best furnace technician in the nation quickly showed up at our home. (We know him as JJ) We apologized for the late call out, but he was not angry, said he was glad to do his job, and got right to work diagnosing and fixing the broken furnace. Fortunately, it was a quick and minor fix; the primary control decided to get defective. JJ replaced the control, cleaned up and left with a smile. What a great company and what great service. We feel fortunate to have a great company like Klebe as our oil company. This isn't the only time that JJ has been to our home. He has been here several times and each time he gets to work quickly, diagnoses any problems accurately, and repairs any defects promptly.

Lori M.

I just wanted to Thank You again for going out of your way to help me, even when it made more work for yourself. It has been such a struggle since my husband had his stroke. You literally made my whole Christmas!

Michele P.

I want to thank every one of you who have been so kind to me. I can't put into words how I've appreciated the kind of service you give to customers. There are very few companies today that provide the services you do. Again, thanks to all for your help, may your business continue to be a family.

Eunice L.

Moving forward with the sale. Service contract was a bargaining tool for us. I want to thank you for ALL the help you have given us throughout the years. Great advice, great service and always great personality. I was so unsure of the "OIL" heating when we came to CT, because it was a new concept for me coming from gas heat. You made it clear and the service contract was always a comfort.

Janice L.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your outstanding staff for your service on behalf of an individual I support. On Friday I was informed at 8:00 am that he had run out of oil during the evening. I called your office and was politely directed as to what was necessary to have his delivery scheduled. After arrangements were made and the oil was delivered, I received a phone call from Kelley informing me that they were not able to start the furnace. She said that she would send a technician right out to see how to resolve the problem and would do her best to keep it at an affordable fix, as the individual receives fuel assistance. To her word, the technician was sent out and the situation resolved. I made numerous calls to your office while checking into this problem and each time was spoken to with gracious customer service. I will highly recommend Klebe Fuel and if the day comes that I require oil heat, you will be my first choice. Thank you and your staff for outstanding customer service.

Laura B.

Dear folks at Klebe, I came home this afternoon after a service call this morning and my house was toasty warm and the circulation of water was quiet. (For the last two weeks, the house has taken forever to get warm, and the water coursing through the pipes sounded like the incoming tide at the Bay of Fundy!). Your repairperson found and fixed several things wrong with my system, and found a pinhole leak in my kitchen pipe, for which I need a plumber. I really appreciate all you do--the reasonable prices and policies on oil purchases, and your great service department. I'm glad I've been a customer all these years!

Nancy K

I just wanted to give a shout out to Jason who went above and beyond the call this morning to fix our furnace so our family would not have to spend the next three days without hot water. His dedication, along with all of the staff at Klebe, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

Very happy with the furnace checkup and the people who come and fix and service it. They are always very nice and polite and answer all my questions. Jason has come a few times and is always very nice. Very understanding about my new dog who barks alot. Gave him treats! And then a couple times another very nice guy has come. Thanks also to the office staff for figuring out all the fuel assistance and budget payments. I know that is a lot of work and I thank you all for it!

Robin R.

I was very pleased with our recent service! I believe his name is Carl, and he left the basement so clean, I had nothing to do when he left! He performed the annual cleaning as well as the smoke pipe on the furnace, which I know was a very dirty project, but not a trace of soot was left in the room! He also adjusted the automatic feed valve, which is now working just fine. He is always so polite and respectful, and I appreciate it immensely!

Carolyn F.

Thanks for the recent yearly furnace cleaning and smoke pipe replacement. Also for the (unexpected) repair to our hot water tank burner. We always know that we will get the best service possible.

Gerald M.

Just to let you know how pleased I am with the recent installation of the new boiler in my home. The whole process was totally professional-- great team of people! Will definitely recommend your Company to my family & friends. Thank you so much for taking care of all my home heating needs!

Irene R.